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On March 25, the Department of Defense's new electronic health record (EHR), MHS GENESIS, launched here at Kirk. MHS GENESIS has replaced TRICARE Online at this facility.


MHS GENESIS is the new EHR (replacing AHLTA) that provides you and your doctors enhanced, secure technology to manage your health information. When fully deployed, MHS GENESIS will be the single health record for service members, veterans, and their families. >>Learn More about MHS GENESIS

Starting March 25, MHS GENESIS will be used across the National Capital Region and eventually in all DOD and VA health facilities - greatly enhancing your health care experience and communication with your providers.

What is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

Along with the new EHR, the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website available 24/7 that gives you access to your health information. Through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you can:
  • View health information, including laboratory and radiology results
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate securely with your care team
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Complete intake and screening forms in advance of appointments
  • Access a health library
The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal has replaced the TRICARE Online Secure Patient Portal.

What does this mean for me?

MHS GENESIS and the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal have replaced TRICARE Online, including the patient portal and secure messaging at this facility.
  • If you have a current TRICARE Online account, it was migrated to MHS GENESIS on March 25.  No action is necessary by you.
  • If you don’t already have an MHS GENESIS Patient Portal account, you can log onto using your Common Access Card or DS Logon Account.
  • If don’t have a DS Logon Account or if you have questions about DS Logon, visit the milConnect Website or call 1-800-538-9552.

What happens next?

Appointment availability from March through May 2023 will be affected, and appointment times may increase as our providers and clinical staff adjust to new technology and workflows. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we integrate MHS GENESIS to provide you with top-notch care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will MHS GENESIS improve my health experience?

 MHS GENESIS enhances your health experience and health safety. MHS GENESIS will aid faster and better management of chronic, complex, and time-sensitive health issues. Many community physician offices utilize similar electronic health records that support real-time or rapid transmission of records between facilities. Bottom line - referrals, treatment plans and care coordination between military and community providers will be faster and better. 
The MHS GENESIS patient portal replaces TRICARE Online and is all inclusive – allowing you to view appointment notes; schedule appointments; refill prescriptions; see lab results; and communicate directly with your provider. The portal also includes a high-quality health library to look up health conditions, symptoms, treatments, medications, and more. 
Your new portal goes live on March 25th, but you can log in now to get an idea of the features your MHS GENESIS portal offers at

What impact will MHS GENESIS have on wait times?

You will experience a short-term increase in wait times as medical staff learn the new system and modify clinical processes and workflows. It takes about 90-days for health care teams to return to normal or improved wait times.
From March through May 2023, you may see a significant increase in pharmacy wait times, lab & radiology results, and reduced appointment availability at Kirk and throughout the National Capitol Region.
To avoid long pharmacy wait times at Kirk, we highly recommend using our pharmacy refill station ScriptCenter at the APG Post Exchange. ScriptCenter is a secure locker pickup site located in the APG PX atrium with no line and offers extended hours for pickup! Initiate your REFILL prescription by calling 1-800-377-1723, or by selecting the “ScriptCenter kiosk” as your pickup location in your patient portal. The first time you use ScriptCenter, please bring your prescription number to enter in a quick one-time registration.

What can I expect the first time I visit Kirk after MHS GENESIS goes live?

Your first visit to Kirk after go-live (March 25, 2023) may be a bit longer than normal. Even if you are currently enrolled and actively come to Kirk for health services, staff will have to re-register you in the MHS GENESIS health system. We will have staff located near the pharmacy to help expedite the process and assist with patient registration. We greatly appreciate your patience during this transition!

What will a single, common record do for service members and veterans?

MHS GENESIS will ensure that service members from the Department of Defense and United States Coast Guard have a health record that follows them from point of entry into service through veteran status, wherever care is provided.

What will happen to my old medical records?

Existing electronic health records will continue to be available to providers once Kirk starts using MHS GENESIS. Your electronic (AHLTA) chart will be visible in a legacy viewer application, so there is no need to request physical copies in advance of the transition. Additionally, any inactive paper charts previously sent to St. Louis to be digitized will also be viewable in legacy applications connected to MHS GENESIS.

What should we do with our paper medical records?

There is no need to request new copies in advance of the transition. If you already have personal paper copies, we do recommend keeping those. If feasible, you may want to scan and back up on an external hard drive. If you do choose to digitize your personal copies, please ensure you have proper digital storage safeguards to protect your personal health information.

What happens when I PCS to/from an MHS GENESIS location?

Providers at all DOD facilities have access to electronic files whether those records are stored in the new health record (MHS GENESIS), existing digital records, or electronic health records from community providers.

Will I have access to previous messages with my provider?

A separate vendor runs the TRICARE Online (TOL) patient portal secure messaging “RelayHealth” and these messages will not cross over to MHS GENESIS. You will still be able to log into TOL and view archived messages, but will not be able to generate new messages or requests once your assigned site switches over. All new messages should be generated in MHS GENESIS and will be visible in the MHS GENESIS portal.

I just got TOL and am finally comfortable with it. Am I required to move over to the new patient portal if I enjoy using the old TOL?

Yes. You will still be able to access and view old messages and records in the TRICARE Online (TOL) patient portal. However, all of your new information from MHS GENESIS will only be viewable via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

MHS GENESIS Important Dates

March 25

  • Kirk launched MHS GENESIS
  • Use MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to communicate with health care team
  • Request prescription refills by calling AudioCare at 800-377-1723.
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